Princeton eCommerce LLC

About Princeton eCommerce LLC

Princeton eCommerce LLC has been in business for over 12 years. We started in the used book business which we quickly grew into one of the largest out-of-print book companies in the United States by building partnerships with schools and creating one of the first book buyback websites. We then leveraged that knowledge moving into creating our own products, consulting and wholesale.

The lessons we learned launching our own products is why we have been so successful partnering with other manufactures.

  • Understand the need to protect your existing brick-n-mortar sales while expanding your online presence
  • Know the importance of your brand and protecting your image
  • Have a broad range of knowledge and skills because we have done it all from patent, manufacturing, branding, sales and customer service
  • We work hard and put the time in upfront to build successful long term relationships with our manufactures.